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Malaysia Traditional Herbs 傳統馬來西亞草藥 


🌺  It has an anti-aging that helps maintain youthfulness 抗衰老,保持青春

🌺 Help to restore and balance women hormones 幫助恢復和平衡女性荷爾蒙

🌺 Promote Soft and Firm Skin suppleness  促進肌膚柔軟及緊緻

🌺 Helps Simulate Fat Loss Process 有效提升脂肪燃燒過程

🌺 Rejuvenate Women's well-being 恢復女性健康

🌺 Womb Healing  子宮癒合

🌺 Nourish Uterus for Reproductive System  滋養子宮生殖系統

🌺 Heal the pain after giving birth 減輕分娩後疼痛

🌺 Help Tone Vagina muscles after giving birth (regardless to caesarian or normal birth)

     收緊分娩後的陰道肌肉 (剖腹或自然分娩)

🌺 Proven to Suppress and Heal Postnatal Depressions  舒緩及減輕產後抑鬱症

🌺 Heal Chronic Menstrual Pain  舒緩慢性月經疼痛

HOW TO USE 使用說明:

🌺 Kacip Fatimah Teabags On the go: (500ml Thermos) 1-2 sachets brew in freshly boiled hot water for simmer it 5-10 minutes and its good to drink.
女王卡琪花蒂瑪茶包 : (500毫升保温瓶) 將 1 - 2 包茶包放在新鮮煮沸的熱水中泡5-10分鐘便可飲用

🌺 Kacip Fatimah Dried Leaves or Stem  ( for Confinement): Take  5 packs of QF Kacip Fatima dried leave or Stem (can mixed), boil it for 20-30minutes, cool it down, drink the brewed Kacip Fatimah. 
女王卡琪花蒂瑪乾葉或莖 (煲) : 用 5 包 QF卡琪花蒂瑪乾葉或莖 (可以混合), 煲煮20-30分鐘,冷卻下來,喝釀造的卡琪花蒂瑪茶。

🌺 Kacip Fatimah has no smells, the color of the water is brownish dark. The taste is very soothing and not bitter.

🌺 Alternately, add Kacip Fatimah dried leaves or stems to your favorite herbal recipe. Please see insert for more details (Preferably for female consumption only)
亦可添加卡琪花蒂瑪的乾葉或莖到你喜歡的草本食譜。有關詳細資訊,請參閱附頁 (只宜女性使用)

🌺 Additional flavor, use Honey, Chamomile, for natural sweetness. Try adding slice of Lemon or Lime for more taste.
另外,可加入蜂蜜,洋甘菊,帶出自然甜味, 亦可加入檸檬或青檸片,提升味道,增加風味。 

🌺 Teabags or Dried leaves/Stems - can be consume 2-3 times a day until colourless and tasteless.
茶包或乾葉/莖 - 每天可使用2-3次,直到無色和無味。

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