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How we started in Hong Kong..

The Founder of this company, Bella Tungkir, who is a native Malaysian in Sabah, grew up experiencing and testing herbal products due to her late father being a traditional herbalist. Her father collect nature's plants from the roots, leaves and fruit’s to uses them as medicine for treating certain type of illnesses. Therefore, among one of them is Tongkat Ali, his most favorite plant.


"It started when she frequently bring Tongkat Ali as a gift from Malaysia and gave it to her colleagues. Truthfully, turning it as a business will never likely to happen, until that one incident when her friend's mom whom she was 80 years old, diagnosed with hypertension, kidney failure and diabetes. Due to the chronic illness, her friend’s mom admitted into the hospital and had to stay for at least a month or so for the treatment. To cut the story short, the she gave the Tongkat Ali to her friend as a gift. As soon she has receive it from her, she eventually get her mom to drink it daily. In a miraculous event, it surprisingly took just about two weeks for her mom able to gain the strength to walk around. Her kidney problem, diabetes and gout getting progressively better, though still taking medications.

Thank God for the herbs, till this day, her mom is looking healthy, and lively".

This inspires the her to turn this herb as a business in order to bring and share the knowledge outside the country.

Therefore, to help to spread the good health benefits of this root.




Berqat”, or blessing in English, is what we aim to bring natural remedy to every household. We believe that all living things are connected to one another and we intend to attain balance with the mind, body and soul through natural remedies, hence our slogan is “nature remedy”.

Berqat Co. Limited (formerly Berqat Herbs Food Company) established in November 2016.

Started by selling raw slices of Tongkat Ali.

akarBles is our first health product brand.​ The meaning of  "Akar = Root & Bles = Berqat "blessing"

We are a 100% Malaysian brand selling natural herbs that are mostly, if not all, from the natures in Malaysia.


Our products are raw and pure, not processed and have no added preservatives.


Natural Spring
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  • We strive to create a herbal products that will positively impact the health of our customers. 

  • We strive to be the centre of Excellence for Herbs.​

  • We strive to continually develop and at the same time preserved nature’s value.

  • We strive to take akarBles to global level and establish ourselves as the best in the field

  • Our fundamental steps to achieve this are to standardise and maintain the core value and believes of our product - to stay pure and honest!

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